The Deadman's Crossing

Primal Data Center - Famfrit
Every Wednesday 5:00pm - 7:00pm PST
Goblet - Ward 6 - Plot 13
Hosted by Voidglass <VOID>

New to RP? Came alone to the Event? Need someone to help you start off?

Have no fear! We are here for you!

Our staff is on standby to help you shake off your shivers or rust! Look for anyone with the LFP Symbol next to their name to engage in RP!

**Please do keep in mind, they are also to be hosting, serving, and roaming the floors for trouble makers. So they're not ghosting you, just doing their job! They will more than likely help you ease yourself into conversation with other patrons so you can make some RP connections!

Rules of TDC

This place comes with rules! WEIRD I KNOW!

Tavern Menu

Check out our lovely selection of drinks and eats!

Drinking Contest

Sometimes people say the magic word and the game is afoot~

**The event is 5 rounds, there are no prizes however because this is just all in good fun. We use the /random function for this event.

Event Staff

Meet the people that throw rowdy patrons out the Tavern's windows!

Seasonal Events

Information on upcoming Events!

Interested in a job?

We're always looking for servers, bodyguards, hosts etc! Feel free to contact us!

Rules of TDC

  • IF YOU'RE NOT A PART OF THE STAFF PLEASE DO NOT GO BEHIND THE BAR!! This can cause confusion to our patrons ESPECIALLY when it's announced that our Tavern Event will be run as NPC Staff instead of the actual Staff.

  • There is no plot. Zero. None. Nada. This is simply a Tavern where people can come to crack a cold one with the boys or mingle with other people and get to know one another. It’s a warm, opening atmosphere with friendly faces and friendlier staff.


  • Deadman’s does not allow for explicit content at hosted events. You are not to push any sort of 18+ sexual content or proposition customers within the walls of the tavern. (Just use /tell please.)

  • The NPC outside of the Tavern holds items you may purchase to donate toward the bar itself. It’s completely optional!!

  • There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for attacking someone without giving knowledge to the other person. If they refuse to take part in the fight that’s the end of it. Walk away. Continued aggression toward the tavern patrons will prompt an automatic RP fight with the staff.

  • If a bar fight is to take place, it’s a roll of best two out of three with /random.

Tavern House rules for rolling are as followed:

  • 0 - 100 = Critical Fail

  • 101 - 899 = A Hit

  • 900 - 999 = Critical Hit

**No fatal blows or dismemberment can happen unless given permission by the other person and a Tavern Staffer is there to witness it.

IC Tavern Staff have a +200 added to their dice roll when dealing with rowdy tavern patrons.

Drinking Contest

Current Champion: H'hana Salmha +Famfrit
Week Champion: H'hana Salmha +Famfrit

**Champion is based on how many times the person has won the event versus someone just winning the event one week.


  • First Round - 100+

  • Second Round - 200+

  • Third Round - 400+

  • Fourth Round - 600+

  • Fifth Round - 701+

Event Drinks

  • Draconic Whiskey - A lava-looking cinnamon whiskey served in a shot glass. Lit on fire and snuffed out to give the sensation of drinking fire; this certain alcohol feels like it sits in the stomach, but hits sooner than one would expect.

  • Death in a Glass - An unholy concoction of unknown alcohols. This specialized drink has a disgusting taste and is hard to hold down. Not for the faint of heart… At least one person has been known to have died from this completely black drink.

  • Chimera Venom - A sour cherry-apple hard cider tinted blue for looks. When chilled this special drink turns a deep purple and bubbles. The potency of this drink is still unknown due to the mystery of its origins.

  • Thunderous Rum - A dark rum mixed, with Prickly Pineapple and Island Coconut. It’s spiraled purple and white appearance and ELECTRIC taste is said to be an ode to the mythical beast Ixion.

  • Gobwalker Bomb - 10 parts Goblin Moonshine, 3 parts Goblin Vodka, and 1 part Secret Gobbie Boom™! This mixture is sure to give you a splitting headache by the time you’re done with it.

  • Hellfire’s Piss - Five alarm hot sauce, mixed with a spiced, aged whisky. Garnished with a Blood Pepper which is expected to be eaten. It’s said that after one has had a few drinks, they ‘feel it in the morning’.

Event Staff

  • Talv Bissette - Tavern Owner. Major mood swings. Beware the oncoming full moon.

  • Lu Azuma - Bodyguard? Owner's daughter? Who actually knows...

  • Nalgi Azuma - Server. Soft spoken. Pastel. Very personable.

  • Riccard Kinkaid - Quick-handed Barkeep. He likes to talk about Allagan stuff.

  • Ryuga Gotoku - Barkeep. Apparently all the ladies love him?

Seasonal Events

  • The Ugly Pumpkin - October TBD

  • TDC's New Year's Bash - TBD